Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Competition

School holidays are soon over. For me I go back tommorow! :L
Anywayz, because of all that I have thought of ANOTHER competition.

Heres how it works
1- Create a outfit suitable for school.
2- Take a screen shot (Click Print screen then open paint and paste)
3- Send it to
4- Wait.
5- After 2 weeks I will put up a poll to see who wins.

More soon...

Ellie oxx


  1. Ill enter! Sounds like fun!

    Can we use the dressing room, like for clothes we dont own?

  2. I already started school. Its AWESOME!!!

  3. I used the dressing room; I think it will be alright.

    I'm entering, but I can't e-mail from my account {so useful} so here is my entry: