Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poem Comp

OK so here are the people who have submitted poems :) If I've forgotten your name then sorry. Let me know!


by: Niki-chick

I love Maths its really fun

I like to do it in the sun

Every morning and every night

It never ever leaves my sight

Algebra, Statistics and Geometry rock

I have tessellations on my sock

Triangles, circles, cubes and squares

Take away all my fears

When I’m older I will invent

In the Olympic games, a math event

Square roots, numbers and some pie

Will be with me until I die

Halves and quarters, thirds and fifths

This is something I can’t resist

Math teachers are really neat

Better than the socks on my feet

All my dreams consist of equations,

helping me through alien invasions

Multiplying, dividing, adding too

Math, I love you



By: Fruiti_fairy.

A little girl, as young as seven,

Sits daydreaming in her kind of heaven,

With no little tears in her big brown eyes,

Contentedly watching the butterflies.

But little girls grow up too gast,

Her fresh immagination just won't last,

Before long, she'll wish for bluer skies,

When she was happily watching the butterflies.

Soon, a boy has broken her heart,

Because she thought they'd never part,

And when he leaves her, she starts to cry,

And dreams of watching the butterflies.

But something worse will come along,

A friend, family - they may soon be gone,

And all she can do is heavilly sigh,

Thinking about watching the butterflies.

And soon she's a little girl no more

Her life is full of cold closed doors

And she has said too many goodbyes

And wishes for the butterflies.

An older girl, but still so fragile,

Is thinking about when she was a child,

Looking up with her tear-stained eyes,

Smiling and watching the butterflies.



By: Misschelz97

“As she passed him by she said “You talking to me?”

He looked at her and smiled “Yes, you next to the bald guy”

“I think you’re really pretty, that with your flaming red hair

It is surprisingly beautiful and really quite rare.

I love the way it curls around your face

And the way it flicks at your waist

And the way it brings the blue out of your eyes

When I saw you, you made me gasp “Oh my!”

She took a deep breath as she paused mid stride

She slowly parted her lipgloss covered lips, her eyes all wide

She smiled and laughed as she whipped the wig from her head

“If you like it so much then you wear it instead!”



By: nantia.absolute

The days are passing by,

the nights are sleepless,

the summer is gone.

I'm waiting for the next caterpillar to become a butterfly,

The next breeze to become wind,

To lead me to your sky,

To let me in your mind.

I won't stop wishing on the falling stars.

And I'll be wondering,

am I your sea?

Am I your summer?

Am I your love



My sister

By: maggie_cutie_10

Me and my sister are like best friends,

we always hop over the fence,

until we grow, until the end,

my sister is one of my first best friends.

We may fight but it is just slight.

We will never break our friendship, that's a promise.

Life is hard but take a simple smile,

cause we both know, we have each others' hands to hold on...

It would be sad if you took your last step in the house,

and just come back once in a while,

please promise me you'll never leave me,

until the end of the sight of me.

But let's not think about that first.

Just remember the opposite of worst.

For all the good tomes we have shared,

never give up and keep moving forward.

Thank you, my loving sister,

i have learned so much from you,

and i mean, my life.

Thank you



You'd rather be at home


When your at school ,

And you think it would be cool ,

To be at home with no homework,

But trust me its like reading a phone book,

If your sick,

And coughing up green ick

You’d rather have a Friday test,

Than have a blocked chest,

You’d much prefer,

learning about mountains and lakes,

Than have throbbing headaches,

If your in school

And you think it would be cool….

Think again.

You’d rather not.



you are!


Keen are you on fashion
Your one and only passion.
Icon in the world of bazaar
And a star for all you are.
Honest, loving, kind and sweet,

Nicely all of us you treat.

Gaga lover you also are
Lady Gaga, that's a star.
One by one, you help us all,
Supplies you give from the mall.
Sparkles in your big blue eyes,
You never told us any lies.
(read the red letters, should be ur username =] )

Who I am?

I am the result of his love,
the star that's still shining bright.

I am the smallest particle of his heart,
the fighter that never gives up.

I am the reflection of his soul,
the laughter that never fades.

I am the sadness in my heart,
the tear that's being shed.

I am the sign and his disease,
the cancer that took him away.

I am the keeper of memories,
the strenght to move on.

I am the daughter left behind,
by a kind, sweet and loving man.

By:Alice(give me you username!)

With A Spring In My Step

As I Walk Out The Door,

I Feel The Breeze In My Hair

And The Flowers On The Floor

The World Is Blossoming Slowly

The Sun Is Shining So Bright

Bird's Are Tweeting, Singing Lowly

It'll Never Fade Away,

There's Nothing But Light All Day Long

The Charcoal Aroma Fills The Air

Now The Wind Is Gone

Everything Is Dry

Water Fights Will Take Place

Let's Here The Children's Cry

The Wind Is Back And It's Truly Picked Up

Rainbow's Of Leaves Fall Gently Down

Coats On, Hats And Scarves

Nothing But Red, Orange, Yellow And Brown

Then Another Chilling Gust

Tossing The Leaves Far

Under The Feet, Crunch

Ice, Snow, Frost

Covering The Land Like A Blanket Of White

Wrapping Up Warm

Then Children's Laughter And Snow Ball Fights

Swiftly Descending, Graceful Pearls

Fragile And Melting

Watching The Snowy World

The Breath Of A Thousand

By: katiethbk

You spend the days and nights,

not caring.

You bring destruction

wherever you go.

I've left my kingdom,

and I follow,

I don't ever leave,

All I need is here.

I'm yours.



By: miss_cathii

I follow you,

and you burn the ground you walk on.

It's hard to walk on fire,

So I'm waiting for winter to come

I'm waiting for the snow

to put out the flames.

It's a joke,

Because I feel no pain.

A sleeping beauty that woke up.

But you should know,

I was counting on you.

Now I'm waitingfor winter to come,

to put out the flames




By: FashionistaT / Tia

Fashion is not only clothes,

but also the thing that interest girls most.

Its some kind of art,

that gets fast in your shopping cart.


Vivienne Tam, many more

Are very known fashion designers.

That rule the catwalk.

Ok that is all of the poems. I've decided to change it. There will be a people's vote winner and a my vote winner. You will both win the same thing. I will contact the winners. You can read them or just vote you friend. I really just want your votes. They are numbered. So VOTE BELOW:


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