Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poll Results!

I just wanted to inform about the results of the poll I created about Mortal Kiss!So here are the results!

Can't wait-86 votes
A bit...-41 votes
Not at all!-22 votes
 So I guess the most of the people who voted are very excited about Mortal Kiss!


  1. Cool. I have a question... Who is the owner of Stardoll Fanatic??

  2. The owner is ginnycee(that's her nickname at stardoll)She doesn't post a lot because there are writers just like me and other girls todo this job ;)


  3. Cool, do you get money too? xD just kidding. you do a gr8 job, I love stardoll fanatic, it inspires me writting in my own blog. Go on like this, I LOVE STARDOLL FANATIC!!!!!!!

  4. Oh,thanks :)I have a blog too...actually I share it with Julie_Ch (that's her nickname on stardoll)!You can visit it at this link :

  5. cool thanks for the link. I joined it ^^
    If you wanna join mine, here's the link:
    it's german, but you can traslate it into english in the sidebar ;)