Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free beauty and the beast characters :)

Go to

In the url box enter this-
Click on go or hit enter!
Log-into stardoll! wait till the page loads.. Log-out and
Log-into normal stardoll!
You'll have them in your suite! :)
P.s - I have been observing from many
days that you all don't actively
participate in commenting .. A question-
don't you like to gt free things any
more? Please don't take it seriously
 though. just a request :)
see ya




  1. I Love Free Stuff. But other blogs post more free stuff faster than this blog. So when you post it, we already know about it.

  2. I love your posts! Sorry I don't comment much, but I love getting free stuff! This is the blog I always read♥

  3. @anonymous - Thanks for commenting , and i'll try to post faster though. Because of school and stuff i am getting busier :(
    @ *awkward turtle*o_0 - Thank you! :) for your compliments!

  4. Btw im Anonymous. I hope it didn't come out rude :S