Friday, August 20, 2010

:O A HUGE SECRET and a contest :)

I need a new banner..NEW BANNER CONTEST!!! And guys please participate ^.^
You will get a superstar gift(or more >.<) worth of 15 stardollars and an interview that will be posted on the site so send your entries to or post the tinypic,facebook,myspace,etc. link in the comments in any of my posts and i will choose a winner ^.^ I will let you all vote and then i will annonce the winner with my new banner ^_^Btw,the winner must add me and tell me what he or she wants :P Okay now....NEW UPDATES ^_^ and other stuff 2 :P
♥There is still some antidote stuff that is avalible ^_^ A couple pieces of furniture and a lot of clothes-there's a ton of the trouser's left and a couple of cute shirts,jacket,a couple of dresses, here's the link if your to lazy to type☺
☺Is stardoll getting bored >.< id="SPELLING_ERROR_0" class="blsp-spelling-error">everbody already know's about like play and earn or brodcasting Maybe it's for newbies to find their way around ☻
☻RAMADAN GIFT OF THE DAY!! A PRETTY WINDOW :O and guess what i found out wanna know o.o ARE YOU VERY SURE? THIS INFO CAN KILL YOU IF YOU PUT IT INTO THE WRONG HANDS! Okay.......all of the ramadan stuff can still be bought even if you missed a day in the mini shop(where you buy all of your furniture):O i know right :P in the new or folk section
OOPS that's all 4 now i gotta jet seeya tommorow for more updates,secrets,and tricks ☺
Shop on,madi309♥


  1. I made you a banner , check it in your Email :)

  2. Entry:
    Username: x-Dani-Harmer-x (sorry I'm not signed in)

  3. Heya, I can't be asked to sign myself in so my username is Misschelz97 and I created one for you too! When you recieve my email you may have to scroll to the side xxxxx (Misschelz97)