Saturday, August 21, 2010

Makeover tips
We all have that time when we look at our MeDoll and think 'omigosh, I look so boring,' so, for the nth time this week, you decide to update your stardoll look. So, you get to your MeDoll Editor, and look at your usual favourite hair, and think 'I had that last week. It's boring.' then you just look at all the hairs and think 'Everyone has that,' or 'Yuck, yuck, yuck'. Your thoughts then flicker to the makeover person that spammed your guestbook 3 weeks ago, but then you realise that they looked evn worse than you do today. Which is when you need some top tips: this is where I come in:
1: Don't be afraid to be different- pick a completely different hair to everyone else and work from there.
2: Try to not start with stage one- start with the lipstick, if you usually start with hair, etc.
3: Use something that you don't really like- I'm not saying 'go out there and make yourself look repulsive', but maybe use a hair that you're not too keen on, and work around it. You never know, it might even grow on you.
4: Listen to a song while you work- I've heard this one, and thought 'What the!?' but I still tried it, and somehow it did turn out ok..!
5: Make it look like you in real life, then 'tweak' it- we all know that it's fun making yourself on computer games, but wouldn't it be nice if we looked amazing? This is just what you can do!
6: Choose one colour- the idea is, you have to make all your makeup, etc. that colour. Even if you don't really like the end result, it can be great for some laughs. Who knows, you might even find that purple looked great on your MeDoll!


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