Tuesday, August 3, 2010

now to start with today i noticed that there was an abreviation on the pick of the day... i thought that it was strange because the only bit that they had abbreviated was jacket to jkt.
now i was thinking that if any of you were needing some inspiration for your next designs here are some ideas... elmo very simple!

1.) colour your back ground red
2.) select two white circles and adjust them so that they are ruffly the right size
3.) now select two more circles and colour them black, smallify them so that they fit nicely into the bigger white circles with a fair bit of white around the edges.
4.) get another circle that is the same size as the white circles for the eyes and colour it orange this will be the nose put it infrount of the eyes just over lapping the edges
5.) select a semi circle and colour it black then adjust the size and place just belown the nose.
6.) decide what you are going to make and there you go elmo!

if you are stuck for ideas there are some below tee-shirt, hoodie, tights, singlet or a scarfe.
also below is a cookie monster pattern which you can adapt... if you have any questions aboutthe designs feal free to ask in the comments...

just a few new things that i thought you might like to see...
now also dont forget that i need a new banner and if you would like to create one just send it to evangelineya@gmail.com the winner will get a prize that will probably be non super star(sorry =( )

any way don't forget to check out me suite here (http://www.stardoll.com/member/tiger_evie_624)

eviie x0x =]

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