Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Buys

Here are some more Good Buys, some good things to buy if your Superstar, or non-Superstar.

SuperStar Outfit (On the right, on my doll):
Dress (Or the top, ruffled sleeves, red and white, stripy): Striped ruffle Slv (sleeve) dress, $14, Pretty & Pink
Skirt (red): Silk skirt, $8, Voile
Shoes (red): Multi Chain Heels, $7, Bisou


(*$24 using play & earn)

Makeup (optional):
Black Eye Kohl (DOT, $6), apply to the top lid, not making it go outwards on the outer corner of the eye, and not going in on the inner corner of the eye.
Volumizing Masacra (DOT, $3), apply all over the eyes.
Fusion Coral Blush (DOT, $8), apply to the side of the cheeks, giving them a pinker tinge.
Fusion Violet Lipstick (DOT, $9), apply on lips. Not so sure about the colour? Either try on Sand Lipstick, or have the pink lips you can get in the Medoll Editor, and know lipstick. You can also try using old lipsticks from the shops not in the Starplaza anymore.
LUXE lipgloss (LUXE, $24, OPTIONAL), apply to lips. NOTE, this is OPTIONAL which means you don't have to put it on.

(*45 using play & earn, also, if you choose not to get the LUXE lipgloss the price is 26, and 21 if using play & earn.)
ALTOGETHER (the price of the superstar clothes & makeup): $79*
(*$74 if using play & earn, also, if you are not choosing the LUXE lipgloss then the price altogether is, $55, and $50 when using play & earn.)
Non-Superstar Outfit (on the left, not on my doll):
Dress (red, red and white stripy): Striped Tee Dress, $5, Pretty & Pink
Tights (coral/red): Coral pantyhouse, $3, Pretty & Pink
Shoes (red bow, wedges): Valentine Shoes, $4, Pretty & Pink

PRICE: $12*
(*$7 if using play & earn)

ALTOGETHER (Superstar outfit, not including makeup, and non-superstar outfit): $41*
(*$36 using play & earn)
ALTOGETHER (Superstar outfit, makeup and non-superstar outfit): $91*
(*$86 using play & earn, and without the LUXE lipgloss the price is $76, using play & earn, without the lipgloss the price is $71.)

Bye for now Stardolls,

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