Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Hotbuy + How to wear it

Okay, the new hotbuy(HotBuys General Jacket) for $13 stardollars was released but for $13 stardollars, its not really something your going to wear everyday, is it?
(See below, i think you click to enlarge)
So im going to tell you how to wear it ;)

Number One:
$13 Jacket, $1 T-shirt, $6 Capri Pants.
= $20 stardollars.

Number Two :

$13 Jacket, $7 Tube Dress, $6 Jeans = 26 Stardollars.

Becky xx


  1. The capri pants and tee shirt are actually $4 each.

  2. :o
    Are they?
    It showed at above for my computer ;/