Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get The Look - Cheaper!

Hi people!
Well, I will be doing this thing sometimes (Get the Look - Cheaper!)
This is where I will show you what you can buy for cheaper, that looks like the expensive stuff.
Now some things won't be exact match, and if you don't like it, or you don't think it looks anything like it, please do not post any bad comments!
Well, first I am doing the Herve Leger look.
There are two pairs of shoes (Rose-Slip On Heels, Black Stiletto Heels) and a dress from Herve Leger.
The stuff on my doll (dress, and two shoes) are the real Herve Leger things. To the left there is one pair of red heels (Platform Lace Up Heels) that cost $5 from Bisou (Superstar) while the red shoes on my doll (Rose-Slip On Heels) are $18 from Herve Leger (Superstar). The next pair of shoes are from Herve Leger and cost $18 (Black Stiletto Heels) where the first pair of shoes (on the right, not on my doll) are $5 from Bisou (non-superstar, T-Bar Strap Shoes). The second pair (above the T-Bar Strap Shoes) are $5 from Rio (Wraparound Wedge, non-supertsar) and the last pair (above the Wraparound Wedge's) are $3 from Stardoll (Anklet Sandals, non-superstar). The dress (on my doll) is the Second Skin Dress, $34 from Herve Leger (Superstar) and the dress next to it (on the left, not on my doll) is the Versace Inspired Dress, $14 from Pretty & Pink (Superstar).

Bye for now Stardolls,

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