Saturday, July 10, 2010

SDF Awards Winners!!!!!

Your votes have been cast! It's time to announce the winners of this years SDF Awards! The winners of each category get to be writers, and the runner ups get to have advertisements in the sidebar!

Category 1 -- Best Medoll

Runner up: amanda-yeung

Category 2 -- Best Outfit

Winner: amanda-yeung

Runner up: STEPH7012

Category 3 -- Best Clothes

Runner up: amanda-yeung

Category 4 -- Best Suite

Winner: amanda-yeung

Runner up:

Category 5: Best Album

Runner up: cutiepieanimals

I'll write in your guestbook if you are a winner or a runner up!

I'll keep you posted about the next contest

But before I go, its time for Hot or Not!
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xoxo, ginnycee


  1. lol rihanna?
    shes ugly why the hell is she the best medoll?

  2. i think it was based on thevotes