Saturday, July 10, 2010

About new stardoll :)

                                        Ok so guys i saw your comments on the posts of other writers and found out that you were having difficulties
with new stardoll.. Ugh!!! i really don't like new stardoll because now its looking like some dressup game site :(
So i had decided first to leave it ! But then i thought that i have been on stardoll now for more than a year so i should keep on experiencing it... i am telling you about things that have changed..
i guess everything has changed but still i'll post things having BIG changes in events!!
ok so , the covergirl thing has completely changed now instead of a ribbon , people winning get a trophy ..
i wished we could have our ribbons back!
now if you'll click on the arrows the top 5 me-dolls will come..i have posted the trophy on the bottom left side.
Now the catwalk, the top 10 me-dolls are listed... i guess whoever wins , gets a trophy of this kind-
Same with design-
for album i don't think there is a trophy-
And the scenery-

i don't think that apart from covergirl anyone gets trophies have you seen it anyones suite?
if so..tell me!
and also if you have any difficulties in going somewhere or the other, you can ask me either in my gb or here!

see ya


  1. hey i think we have one trophy for album i saw it ....

  2. i think there is a pic for album ,go to this link and right up where contests and eventa are written and that hottest design to there will be tropheys see them and the name will be written for what the trophy is....the link.....