Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello :) want some dresses?

Hiiii ;)
I am tommia123, and i am proud to say that i am a writer to this blog! ;)
As this is my FiRsT post and am still going to do something! Cheap non-superstar dresses but accesorised of course ;D Tell me in the comments if you like it or not. 
The outfits are below, enjoy and comment below what you think, i need feedback on my first post ;)
This cost 11 sd: dress cost 5, the little bow cost 3 and the shoes cost 3 as well

This cost 14 sd: 6sd for the blazer, 5 for the vixen dress and 3 for the tiffany shoes.

This is the most expensive so far, it costs 17 sd: the dress is 8, the bf coat is 4 and the shoes are 5sd

And that is it for the moment, i hope you liked my outfits, tell me your opinion in the comments :)
This is my first post :) OOPS, i didnt include the shops :( ooops, well you can search the dresses i guess...
Oh, i have no header either, i am rubbish at them, if anyone is interested in making me one because they are bored well please do, comment the pic below. I will give out a gift for the one i choose.
Thanks, Tommia123


  1. here is the link to the header that i promised i'll do for you.

  2. did you change your hair and stuff? idk maybe i just looked up the wrong person or something...but here you go! :)

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  4. hwo do u get free stuff