Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Be careful!

Remember my earlier post about the shoes that are the same? Well, I wanted to buy the folk shoes, but when I clicked buy it said that an error occurred and I have to try again. And I did so 2 times and it said the same thing. But, after, when I tried again it said that I don't have enough Stardollars. So I went to my suite and I saw that I have 3 pair of shoes and no Stardollars. So be careful because sometimes the error message can be equal to the bought message and to be sure check your suite. Hope this will help you not to do the same mistake as I did.

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S.: Welcome Tommia123 to the Stardoll Fanatic team. I'm sure you'll be a great writer.


  1. That happened to me too but for the trash dress!!!!! i had to recycle it because i couldnt sell it!

  2. Thanks for this information, good to know. :-)

  3. I tried to buy the shoulder bag from I♥USA but it didn't work, although I got the checkout thing after I bought it {and my Stardollars were gone, I think.} I sent a message to customer support and nothing happened. The next day I bought the same thing but it didn't show up again. I sent another {more frustrated} message and later in the day I got both of them in a Starplaza box.