Saturday, July 31, 2010

heyy, im one of the new writers! my name is evie and am really excited to be a part of this blog, i have always wanted to be a writer on it... and now i am thanks soo much for letting me be one! umm my banner is a bit lame so i was wondering if anyone would like to create me one. the winner will get a prize but i am afraid that you will only get non ss gifts/prize as i am not super star at the moment =( if you would like to enter please sent you banners to please include your user name also.

now i was just looking at starplaza and here are some new items what do you think?
now for whats hot
now as it is the satr of a new month today i was hoping that there would be a new animal but there isnt its still the red panda, i thought that they had said that there would be a new one each month... there dosn't seem to be but maybe they will put it up tomorow.
any way if you would like to know a bit more about me read my presentation

any way

bye bye x0x =]

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