Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cheryl 'Tweedy" Cole Red and White Crop Top Inspired Outfit!

Cheryl Cole Inspired Crop Top Outfit!
Cheryl Tweedy Inspired outfit. Cheryl Out in the Pubic view with this Catwalk Inspired outfit. She's seen wearing this Red and White Crop Top,with blue denim jeans. Its Toughed up with a pair of black biker and boots and Girled up with the Liliac Pink Handbag. Awesome Cheryl! We're Loving Cheryl's style at the moment, shes really makin' it very easy too look as great as she does.Her Effortless brunnette locks really brings the outfit together.You can find out where to get your version of this outfit in local stardoll stores near you!

Red and White Crop Top: 6 Stardollars @ Bisou.
Blue Denim Jeans: 6 Stardollars @ Bisou.
Boots: Free @ Pirate Costume.
Handbag: 40 Stardollars @ Chanel Tribute.

The picture of cherly cole does not belong to me.
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