Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free LIVING Dress

There is a new LIVING dress like there is every week.

Anyway this is how you get it.

If you are from England or USA (maybe some other countries too)

Just click HERE.

if that link doesn't work for your contry, follow these steps:

2. Type stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=155 into the url bar.

3. Press go or enter

4. Wait for the page to load

5. Sign on.

6. Wait for the page to load and then wait refresh the page.

7. Go back to normal Stardoll and go to you Suite.

It should be there!



This photo is kinda funny.

It's to do with Twilight and Hogwarts (Harry Potter).



  1. do you have another cheat for it i tried this one it did not work,thanks though.:):(

  2. who wants a free forbiddin rose dress all you have to do watch the forbiddin rose tralier and then got to your suite then they have a box then on it and you will have the dress