Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So friends i was just returning from ballet classes and saw my sister in a cafe with her friends,one of her friends was having a laptop i asked for the laptop and browsed stardoll and
i came across two new updates !!
the first one is the stardoll makeover , the other is the official stardoll blog!!
UPDATE 1- stardoll Makeover!
Its going to be cool!
I guess , you can see the photo-
So now
UPDATE 2- Official stardoll blog!
So when i was just going around on facebook , i saw this update-
The link is-
And the photo of the blog-

And   also   what   are   your 

views    about   this   font?

Like  it?

see ya

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  1. Cool!
    will all the curtain be gone tomorrow? xx