Thursday, April 1, 2010

Plz help my friend!!

Hey friends ,
just was going around on stardoll and saw my friends account . Her name is karen.rod
Only 4days of her are left as ss and she wants money trust me!
She has only 4 sds left i know this as i am her real life friend and i saw this on her account...
This is because she thought that we would get a gift if we buy something of 15 sds from starbazaars!
please help her, i too have very less money still i have bought many things from her of 1-2 sds
please help her and buy something from her starbazaar.
Some of her clothes on sale are-

please buy something and if you are not a superstar inform to your superstar friends:)
It would be a great deed...
see ya

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