Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free harajuku headband and outfit!

To get the free harajuku things
first go to
The page will start loading don't wait for it to load, if you want to view it its your choice ..
when you reach that site change the url and write
you have to be signed in before doing all these things...
When you go to your suite there would be 2 blue coloured harajuku bags, When you click on them there will be these-

i know that the image is not clear
but you'll come to know that they are good soon if you get them:)
see ya


  1. Hey its me that link doesnt work but this link does! :) <--- that link will get you the gifts! :)

  2. It works! But I have already received the one in the picture above. So when I did it again I got another bikini called Music Bikini (striped) and instead of a headband it came with earphones.

  3. it didn't work :(