Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hey Fanatics!

Dear Stardoll Fanatics,

I am so sorry I haven't been able to post recently. I have been really busy and haven't had much time for stardoll fanatic :(

Anywhoo, since it seems like people aren't posting as much anymore :( , I have decided to hire some new members! (no worries this doesn't mean i'm sacking all the other writers)

There are only a few requirements...
  • You must be an experienced stardoll member
  • You can't own another blog
  • You have to be on stardoll a lot
And if you are chosen you have to...
  • Write a lot, but only about important stuff
  • Not advertise other blogs without asking me
  • Not gossip and be nice in posts :)
If you want to be a writer, please comment with...
  • Your email
  • Your stardoll account name
  • SS or Non SS (I want there to be a balance!)

Good Luck!


  1. I would love to become a writer I might be nw on stardoll but already have tons of experiance! I have never had a blogspot account and am obsessed with stardoll If I am chosen I will try my best to post once a week! pls email me at or girlygirlrulez@yahoo (i would perfer gmail)
    I also love bargain hunting and love fashion! my account on stardoll is pinkicefairy if you check out my suite you will noyice quikly I am not a ss but thats one reason I would love o join this club so I can help other non ss like me! I would be happy with any position and dont worry I always get on stardoll. I am very into helping other people and this would be a great start.If I could choose a position it would be one for non ss and fashion! :)
    pls choose me as a writer! Ani promise I will not be rude or anything! :) pls ginnycee may I become a writer!

  2. Sorry me pinkice fairy again my yahoo email is sorry! :)

  3. On stardoll you know me as cool_rock97, i'm on stardoll since 2007. I'm veeery active, all of my available time I spend on stardoll. My e-mail adress is
    I followed your blog from first post and i'd really like to become a writer :)

  4. Hey! On stardoll my name is Morran1 and has been member on since 2007. I realy love stardoll and promiese to right alot and I read this blog so I really want it

    I right about stuffs a like,new stuffs and free stuffs.

  5. hi my email is
    i have three stardolls
    bhumi1239,chachadancing and girlwwe
    i also know the employee code

  6. i am the same person who has written above my other account is
    caseyb3099,scarletb3099 and sarahb2511

  7. I'd like to become a writer. my stardoll name is ccatalina, my e-mail and i'm a non-SS(at the moment but once in 3 months i am)

  8. hi! i'd like to become a writer! i have two accounts: Anlui (mainaccount, SS) and Lycidas (non-SS). my mail is:

  9. Hi! I would love to become a writer for this blog, I don't own any other blog, but I do own the club FREE. I know all about any free things and I can help people if they have questoins. I am an experienced SS player, trust me, I've been playing for years. My E-mail is I am on stardoll alot but not too much. My account name is Jamie.

    PS. Some of the MyProxy sites download virus' to your computer.

  10. oh,my email is

  11. heyy my name is t-o_O on stardoll i am a very active member.I use up my free time all on stardoll im updated with all the latest and greatest.I know many of the cheats for free items.I dont own any other blogs.I know all the GOSSIP & on the computer practically EVERYDAY... and i LOVE writing and fashion... ya so if you want me to be a writer for your blog just tell me in my gueatbook on stardoll (dont want to reveal my e-mail to the public) and if you do then i will tell you my e-mail on stardoll :)xoxo t-o_O

  12. to show that me pinkicefairy am well informed I have the link to the moodi shop clothes! make sure you are signed into stardoll! ok here is the link,23382,23383,23384,23385,23386,23387,23388,23389,23390,23391,23392,23393,23394,23434,23435,2343
    copy it into the url or whatever and it will take you to your dressing room all the clothes are from moodie shop and are so cute!
    btw visit me at pinkicefairy and add me! :)

  13. Heyy, I'm x4c1dx. ^_^

    My email is :

    I'm non-superstar, but I was ex-superstar for about a month. ;]

    I'd love to be a writer. I'm committed to anything online. xD

    Thanks!! <3333

    xx Talia

  14. Talia says:

    I go on Stardoll everyday, that doesn't really say anything. But I'd love to be picked! ;D. I haven't been on for long, but I've learned almost everything there has to learn about stardoll. I shall give you my full commitment!! ;D.

    xx Talia

  15. hey there ginny i would like to be a writer...
    my e-mail is
    and my stardoll name is flickerwings
    i am a non ss but was a ss...
    so hope u like my suite and all.

  16. Hi, i'm Ella Rose, and i would totaly love to write for this blog, so here's my application.
    Your email: i am SO not giving this out right now. i get way too much spam as it is- just send me a note on stardoll and then i will give you my email address.
    Your stardoll account name: Demilovatoluv
    i am non SS, and i'm not sure how long i have been on stardolll, but i have almost 1000 starpoints, and i go on alot.

  17. Hi. I would LOVE to work on Stardoll Fanatic and I have a few things to post! My email is My Stardoll name is x-Dani-Harmer-x and I have been on Stardoll since January in 2007

    I really hope I can work in StardollFanatic. I go on Stardoll EVERY single day. :P

    I have nearly 4050 starpoints and I am SS for a month.

    Love Gabrielle xoxoxoxoxo

  18. Hey! i would love to become a writer for stardoll fanatic...i've been reading this blog for over 2 years...when i ws non-ss and even now wen i'm ss...i'm a great writer and plus i've been with stardoll since ya, i'm pretty experienced....

    chose me, becuz u want only the best...

  19. ps... its t-o_O again... my stardoll name is t-o_O and umm im a non ss

  20. Hello im italia and on stardoll im Awesome_chick43 and i would really like to be on this blog ive been really looking for some blogs to join but never found one!!!Well if you checked my account you would notice i AM Super Star ive been on since 2008 and have a non super star account Hoochiemama2 which is from 2008 and Awesome_Chick is from 2009 but yes im always on a hunt for new shops and things but really id love to be a writer so yea thx!!and if you would like to contact me i have 2 emails and i would really perfer gmail but you can pick thx for reading!bye!!

    Love Italia xoxo

  21. Hey there Stardoll Fanatic,
    My stardoll name is Chloe.Emerson it doesn't look its best because I was hacked two days ago, I am big on grammer, I love your blog its the best blog out there, when you guys stopped writing I thought you were gone but I check every now and then too see if you wrote somthing I can be a sasticfactory and a great new addition to this blog, I am very friendly and very proffessional, I would never insult a viewer so my posts would be very legit.


    Stardoll Name: Chloe.emerson (Hacked Recently)
    Facebook: Sierra Faria
    Cellphone: 519 277 5842

    (The places you can reach me at.)

    I send love and I would be much honoured if you picked me too join your blog. I would be very much looking foward to working with each and everyone on the Stardoll Fanatic team.

    Thanks for your time, Sierra Faria.
    (I like too keep my real name private.)

  22. Its Chloe.emerson I forgot to mention,
    I used to be supperstar it ended about 1 or 2 days ago, I have 3200 points I had rares but I am working on getting them back and I was hacked so my suite doesn't look its best and most of my clothes were rares and the hacker took them all and left me with the clothes that ment nothing I am becoming supperstar again, I am on stardoll everyday after High School exsams were tough but I still managed to get on my marks were all good I only got a "B" for one subject, french. Bonjour J'emeplle Sierra, and au avoir !

  23. my name is annie my stardoll user is icypeguin159 im a non-super star sadly bt i always love comming here checking out the free stuff that i can get and i always go on stardoll as often as possible bcuz i hav 2 manage my fwend account 2. well thts me if u want 2 ask me any questions feel free 2 email me on and good luck on finding a new writer

  24. Hey ginnycee! Its beachgirl0096 from Stardoll! I have been on Stardoll for about 1 1/2 years, and Superstar for 1 year. I do write for another blog, but I dont own one. Just let me know what you think. My email is
    Thanks you oh so much! :) ♥♥♥

  25. missbussell2000
    non superstar

  26. Heya!
    I'm Miley_Rose_gal
    I'm a superstar and I know ALL the latest cheats and glitches on Stardoll! I've been trying to be a writer for this blog for like FOREVER! I love it so much and its my dream to be a writer for it.
    My email is
    Thank you.

  27. pinkerpuff101 im always on stardoll n now most of the cheats n a creative writer ill give u my email in mail if i get picked

  28. hi,
    I would really like to work here, i used to work here (lilysrich) but summit happened and i couldnt post! Im older now i woz 8 then now im 10!!! im ss my account is lilycatforever9 and my email is
    plz plz pick me xxx

  29. hello my stardoll username is ghpii and i would love to write for your blog.I'm sorry to hear not many people write on your blog anymore.I am pretty good at finding out cheats.My email address is consider me.



  30. that is so stupid, you cant own another blog!??!? you freaking controle freak!
    your so perthetic, you never even post
    on YOUR blog, you get girls to post for
    the 'fame' of it...

  31. Hi Ginnycee,
    My email is
    Bixxy101 is my stardoll
    I am non-superstar
    i have given you cheat before like about that london car remember. I love your blog and would love to be a part of it. I go on stardoll alot and have been on for over 2 years now. I have been cover girl once and have loads of friends. It would be absolutely amazing if you picked me so please please please do. I will work very hard to track down cheats and glitches. So please please please choose me!

  32. Im sophandalex on stardoll and im not an SS
    my email is hope you can reach me..

  33. heya my name is lisa and i go on stardoll every day.i would love to be a writer and im in with all the gossip as i go on so love to try a blog so please hire me!!!! my email address is a non ss but i occaiosannly become a superstar by text. om stardoll my name is xlisabrennanx. please pick me,

  34. Hi,
    i would love to be a stardoll fanatic writer! I'm always on stardoll and keeping updated on cheats and freee stuff! I have been a member since 2006 and recently around christmas have become superstar! Things you need to know:
    nickname: izzie54321
    memeber: Yes, SS
    I would really appreciate if I could be a writer on "stardoll fanatic"

    thanks alot,
    xoxo izzie54321

  35. guys i knw this has nothing to do with any of this but look btw i have nothing against ss

    Welcome to the new & exciting home of Stardoll Royalty, where our most dedicated and loyal members are taken care of in celebrity style. This exclusive invite-only club is the official VIP-club on Stardoll and we have plenty of fame, fashion and friends in store for it’s members...

    So to all our ROYAL members, we wish you a warm red carpet welcome! You have earned it. We hope to see even more of you join the elite Stardoll Royalty! Keep your eye on the VIP

    i just think this part is a little mean
    So to all our ROYAL members
    yeah lol and btw there are so many cheats on stardoll and none of the writers have posted any of it like the new belt the new necklace the new purse and the knew comic heart!
    wow hiowcome they are not posting trust me other blogs are better i get all my cheats quickly from stardolls top designers!!!!!!!

  36. This is dumb. hah. Why do people want to do this?
    When will you all wake up and notice stardoll is nothing compared to real life?

  37. I would like to be a writer,
    I have never gotten the chance to be one,
    This is really the only blog that I go on.
    Please, I have been a member of stardoll for a long time, and I get on everyday.
    I am always updated on the cheats.
    That is what I want my position to be if you get to choose one. If not, I can write about everything.
    My username is Jonas-Lautner
    I am a non-superstar

  38. Heyy! i'm saeeda1997 i'm a member on stardoll and i'm on stardoll with the latest and best cheats to go along with so i can be a writer or even a cheat guide so if u need my help give me a message on stardoll thnx

  39. I'm longing for a decision. Please, hurry!

  40. heya im ramona and im a very experienced stardoll practically on stardoll 24/7...seriously the minute i come home im on stardoll... anyways if ur interested in giving me a shot then my email is :
    my stardoll id is: ramona_rox and im a superstar
    thanks ramona xx

  41. hey im emokid501. i used to have another stardoll blog but i deleted it after a while. i used to be super star, but a couple mouths ago it expired so i am now non ss. I go on stardoll a lot, and i love to write.. so it's a good combination. i dont know if i wanna give you my email.. xD but you can message me on stardoll if you want.

  42. Hii!
    My name is Makiko, at Stardoll Kat.VonD.
    I'm a member since 2007, but my fist account was hacked. I have 1314 Starpoints at this moment. And a lot of experience. I'm almost every day at Stardoll. I'm also a Superstar.

    I'd love to be a writer, and would post alot.

    My Mail Account:


  43. hi am maria aka onlyfood i would love to be a writer on stardoll fanatic i have no blogs i deleted them just to get a chance to me a writer
    my email is

  44. just delete the blog already, it's pretty much obvious that you are getting to lazy or busy to have one. BTW your stardoll suite isn't that great either.

  45. Hi I am Jade488
    and I would love to be a writer! I have been on stardoll for nearly 4 years now (I know I am pretty sad and have no socail life but ya no..)
    I'm a superstar :D
    and my e-mail if but please can you talk to me over stardol as I hardly ever check my e-mails

  46. i agree with some of the comments here.

    none of the other writers write, one of the writers made their OWN blog which is sooooo much better and YOU dont even write!! this blog used to be good, but now its horrible!!!!

    i no longer follow it and i think some of these people should do the same!!

  47. i would love to be a writer, but i have my own blog. my blog is nowhere near as good as your's. please, if you can, check it out. the web address is: thanks! :)

  48. hey....x
    i would love to be a writer i have been on stardoll for a long time im on everyday for about 5 hours im kindof addicted my mail is and my username is sonoja.
    peace, love,funkylicious

  49. Hey!I would love to be a writer here!I love this blog the most and I don't own a blog.My email is and my stardoll name is raluca1234.And I am quite addicted too to stardoll!I stay on it for like 4 hours was the most I have been on stardoll!

    love and peace from raluca :-)

  50. Hey! :) On Stardoll I am known as LoveYouBig, but my name is Victoria! I am from Canada, and have been on Stardoll since 2008. I absolutely love it! I have been SS for about 5 months, and plan on renewing again! I love this blog, I do not own any other blogs, and I am on Stardoll at least once a day! You can reach me at

    Thanks for your time! :)

    - Victoria

  51. cr3ativ3 and i am a superstar
    if you want my email, you will have to ask me personally on stardoll
    if you want any more info just visit my page and ask? :)

  52. hi i love to write i am on stardoll all the time all ways know what is going on!!!



  53. heyy would love to be a writer at your amazing blog!
    some reasons:
    im on stardoll like EVERY DAY!
    i Used to own a popular blog but gave it up..and regret it..:(

    anyway the info ya wanted..
    *I am a former ss and dont know if i will be renewing soon...
    *my user name is Achill_gal!
    *if you want my email, you will have to ask me personally on stardoll soorrii!
    if ya need anything else just as

    * _ *

  54. Heyy, I'm nor4e_lovely ^_^

    My email is :

    I'm non-superstar and i have experience.. I have another account that is older but i forget the password :(

    I'd love to be a writer. L)

    Thanks!! <3<3<3<3

    xx nor4e_lovely

  55. Hello- i am a very experianced stardoll user. I used to own a blog, but I no longer post anything there, and i want to have some more writing experiance. This would be the ideal situation for me! Check out my stardoll profile at..
    my email is

    I am a superstar, but i will sometimes go to non-superstar if i don't go on for a while.However, i will stay on for a while. I would love to be considered.


  56. Hi Stardoll Fanatic.
    My name is Sanne.
    I don't have a own blog,
    My e-mail is
    My Stardoll is stienstraS
    I'm for one week non-SS
    I like stardoll, and i like to write about new things on stardoll!
    One problem; Sometimes can't i good english.. xd

  57. bit late to expect good writers now on of the old writers went and made a new blog called
    cos all the writers stopped posting. I think its cos you never made an effort with the blog for month- getting other people to do it for you cos your too lazy! This blog used to be so helpful, but then you stopped hiring writers and it gathered dust! the new blog the old writer-srudic made it soo much better than this one now cos they have frequent posts every day and they are really helpful. youve only got yourself to blame for the way all the other writers stopped posting. shame....

  58. Haii x
    My name is Ellie, I am 12 years old, been on Stardoll since January 2007!
    I live in Australia, and play on Stardoll every single day, it's so fun! I love doing makeovers on people, so I could write about that maybe!!
    My Stardoll is CherryEllie360 , I am Superstar sometimes, though usually not. I have more than 5000 starpoints, so that's how much I play!!

    Love Ellie xx

  59. I'm wubber on star-doll although I'm not star-doll anymore I have been before and I'm also on star-doll a lot I have very much experience on writing I could write about pretty much anything EVER my email account is I am also very loyal and wouldn't ever disobey you when you lay down the rules. pleae make me a writer :D

  60. Hello, I would LOVE to become a employee/writer. My e-mail is
    My user is ksjury-And I'm SS but, In 28 days I
    won't be.

    Thank You,

  61. hi i would like to be one please sorry im not posting my email freaks might check this sight! my user name is abs1358 im non superstar :-( oh im ten so i think im too young to be a writer!

  62. Hi this abs1358 again,
    I'm 11 now is that old enough??? :-D (Cheeky grin)

  63. I would LOVE to become a stardoll writer I have tons and tons of experience on stardoll. I have made at least five star doll account since 2008. Thank you! E-mail:
    Stardoll username: CeCe_Missy I'm a royalty member. =D thank you! P.S. i HATE gossiping.