Monday, December 28, 2009

New Decade of the Teens store :!)

Hey people! Just wanted to let you know there is a new store in the starplaza, called "Decade of the Teens" and not everything is for superstars! :) Go check it out!


  1. All your posts are crap! There is never good free stuff on ur site- go to Underneath Stardoll or Stardoll Paradise. They are wayyyyyy better and have loads more free stuff!! add me my name is superfotini
    The URL is 2 go directly 2wards my suite. And dont send gifts 2 me send it to larrycatmeow
    Shes so cool :P

  2. There is a free decade of the teens t shirt just go to
    add me on stardoll my name is thatgirlsophy

  3. add me my name is LeahHarkin

    is cooler than yours
    im dgreenpinkblue on stardoll

  5. No Offense I Agree With All THe Comments Your Giving Us Information That We Already No!! And You Miss Tuns Of Stuff Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From Now On If You Don't Do More Posts I'm Leaving!!!!!!
    Cos There Is Tons More Blogs Better Than This!!!!!!!

  6. stop stop everyone please stop. if you dont like the blogspot dont use it. i would hate to me srudick you know cuz she is on stardoll and in her time she gois around stardoll for you guys and all the other people who read the sdf blogspot and then writes it on here. but all you do is give her rude comments???

  7. I agree with Misschloe784...Plzz if u hate this blog leave...there are many other ppl love this blog and im one of them so plzz leave !

  8. I do agree that this blog does miss out on TONS of stuff, but they do have lives and if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    But I don't think I'll follow this blog anymore......

  9. This is sooooo dead, used to be good :(

  10. um,. i really like this blog but u dont write new thingz for lots of weeks the same thing is staying there = = But still i like this blog ~ ~
    Miray96. ~ << my stardoll name =]

  11. its MissChloe784 please srudick its up too you now. pinkrocker001 doesnt write no more nobody does but you. maybe if we could all help srudick and tell her any cheats or news or whatever then she can write it. because it must be hard for her. im still waiting for my invertation from ginycee about me being a writer. she said i can be but hasnt sent me the invataion yet!!!
    MissChloe784 XX

  12. I love the decade of the teens store, some of the dresses are pretty horrible, but others are nice.

    I love this blog, but I do agree that you havent posted anything for a while. But please dont be so mean superfontini

  13. I am interested in being a writer on this blog. If you need a writer, please contact me. I love this blog.
    Stardoll usernames: princess195646 and funnygrl16

    Altho, you don't post as much as you used to, doesn't mean anything. You have a life, without Stardoll. People should respect that.

  14. I just started a blog, but I'm not signed in.

    This blog is getting kind of old, and boring, BUT, I don't think people should be talking trash around here.

    Follow my blog, and/or ask to write for it in my guestbook.

    Username: grlygrl1994

  15. Though I was a supporter of your blog and a recent reader, I have to admit that I agree with everyone who has posted stuff here. You haven't posted anything in ages and most of the stuff you have posted we already know about.
    I do respect that you guys have lives and stuff to do, but I think you should commit to this blog or just tell people that you aren't going to post anymore.

  16. your site is awful!!!The Stardoll Insiders are much better than your silly club free stuff??where is it ?? i dont see nothing! u should better delete this club !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. These guys are doing all their best i'm sure

    Whilelmina96 << stardoll username

  18. This blog is dead.