Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hey guys, srudick here! I've been wanting to post something new on the blog and almost couldn't find anything until i noticed something kinda strange.. not sure if it's like this for everyone but if you look at today's pick of the day it says the pick of the day is Kohls' mudd distressed skinny jeans and there is a picture of kohls' mudd mixed stitch hooded cardigan..! Then, when you click on it, it takes you to the mudd store in the starplaza and puts on the mudd cable knit cardigan?! Confused..? I am too. :) lol Just something I wanted to show you. ;O ;P :]



  1. It's like that for me as well^-^<3

    /Sisselina_11 on stardoll

  2. This has got to be the WORST thing written on this blog EVER. No offence or anything, but I'm gunna give you 1 last chance on this blog to post something that isn't total crap!!


  3. I agree with ginnycee! No affence but this is really boring -.-