Friday, October 9, 2009

Update !

Hello every one!

Just a quick update on some new stuff on Stardoll !

1. New BARBIE store for Non-ss, check it out!
2. New style theme! Some clothes are already available in Starplaza!
3. SALE for SS in the minishop!
4. Free BFF necklace when you post a comment in the BFF post box. (Note; on the bottom of the page on your left there is a BFF poster for anti-bullying, click on it and on writing a comment you get a free necklace)

That's all for now folks !

P.s. I'm not going to be writing for the blog very often because of school. It requires all my time and effort :/ Sorry for any inconvience although don't worry I WON'T ABANDON THE BLOG i will try to write when i can...




  1. the BFF necklace hasnt worked for me. i tried like 12 times and i still didnt get one! I even tried using a proxy and it stilll didnt work!

  2. The necklace worked for me, im from ireland. I didnt need to use a proxy

  3. the necklace worked for me plus add me as a friend please im lisa1/0/1/2/3/4/5/6 (dont put the / inbetween the numbers)

  4. The necklace should be in a light pink bag, which is a bit more below than the gifts we usually get from Stardoll Admin... maybe you haven't noticed that.
    (or write in the box again, and the log out... I didn't get the necklace for the first time, and SD Customer Service told me to log out and log in... and it worked for me, but I didn't recognise the gift bag at first :D)


  6. Cool :) but i already knew all that

  7. Best Friend Forever

  8. ollllllllllllllllllllllla