Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free outfit : Dress , Shoes much more!!! :)

Hey everyone!! :) Its been long , like almost a year since i posted. I was very busy with school and other stuff. But , i actively used to check on stardoll and reply each and every guestbook comment! So , i probably am very late to post this free thing , but still .. its very simple to get it.
You just have to copy and paste this in the URL bar:,34962,34963,34964,34965

Log in to stardoll and all the items will be in your dressing room. They all are for 0 starcoins so you can buy them. Here's a picture of all the stuff :

Go get it as fast as you can or else it might vanish like other stuff! :)



  1. u hav noo idea how much i LUV u !!!!! :D

  2. it dnt freaking workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk