Monday, March 19, 2012

Stardoll Royalty, worth the hype?

Today's post is going to be a bit different from the usual news,fashion post etc. Instead I wanted to post about stardoll royalty. I myself am "royalty" and would like to share my opinions/inform those on royalty who are not.    

The "big" change.
You know you love my moustache;)

In all honesty, this probably is the biggest change you get when you reach royalty.
So Instead of yellow frame with a star, you get a silver frame with a diamond. Not very impressive if you ask me.
The Club itself?
These are the topics that are usually in royalty. I know, I know they're sooo intriguing. (Note sarcasm). So if you're intrested in what people are doing,thinking,feeling at the moment, this is the club for you.

 The gifts?
That skirt you see above is the only gift I've gotten so far sense joining royalty 7 months ago. Sure it's cute and all, but is it all that special? No.  Enough said.
Your (stardoll) social status?

May or may not stay the same. I do notice that royalty members get more visitors, but it depends. Being royalty doesn't show how creative you are, it just means you've reached a certian stardoll social standard.

CONS and PROS of royalty?

  •  You get a diamond next to your name, if that means anything.
  • You get a new social status
  • You don't really recieve anything special
I personally don't think stardoll royalty is all it's lived up to be, just another way to get money for stardoll. But, If you're still determend to reach royalty despite what I've just told you, the key is money. Spend over 50-100 dollars, you'll reach it.  No hate on stardoll, but this is my completely honest opinion:)   



  1. I'm in SR, and I can honestly say it's worth it, though your opinions depend on who you are. You should give the club more of a chance, it's completely different when it's active.

    Oh, just to inform you, there's a free Royalty only nail polish in the Polished shop. :)

    1. Superstar Royalty? WHATS THE DIFFERENCE

    2. Also there is a new royalty only store with toms of cool clothes and furniture

  2. I didn;'t even get the skirt (I want it!) I got a purple dress I don't think is too nice :L

  3. do you get more money cuz i always see royalty peeps with super cool houses

  4. I still want to be royal

  5. I need about 80-something days more to be royalty... Question.. Do you get the invite, then become royalty forever?? And ain't you supposed to get free stardollers monthly or something?? Idon'tknow, Please answer?:L

  6. I'm not Royalty, but I was told by a friend (who is also only SS) that you get access to all 12 rooms in your suite?

  7. i think you get access to LE before anyone else

  8. I see my name haha . How could you not think stupid rain is interesting I worked hard on that topic

  9. they do it just cause like its pretty much nice it doesnt reall matter but i would rather be royalty than a non superstar and that why like if you really enjoy stardoll why stop paying to be a ss or royalty? your post is rediculous