Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to avoid hackers.

Hey dolls. I'm sure there's been a ton of bloggers who have made guides like this but, I thought I'd do one for those who read our blog or are new. Keep reading to see how you can make sure you won't get hacked!

1. NEVER give out your password, period. Even if someone promises something like this.
Her name on stardoll is free.superstar.

2. NEVER tell anyone your e-mail address. They can still hack you this way. Example below...
Notice how you have to be SS? Also, how many people do you know are willing to give out "free" royalty? Yep.

3. "Lets trade accounts!" This is a big no no. They'll ask you to give your password first, you'll do it, and bye bye account. And even if you contact stardoll, they may be able to give you your account back but, they won't be able to return any of your items the person took.

4. "Free makeover" More like free account for them.

I Hope this helped some of you out! Also, play safely!

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