Monday, December 5, 2011

Makeup tips 101 (part 2)

Hey loves, I hope you all enjoy these types of post. Anyways this post is on Cheeks. I'll show you the right and wrong way, but I'll also give you all some helpful tips. :) I am in NO way saying that I'm perfect at doing makeup, these are just my opinions. You may have a different taste in how you do your dollies makeup. Anyways.....

I hope you guys can see the cheek. It's not really dark but still noticeable, which is what I think looks good. I circled the two products used. If you want to know how I do my dolls cheeks or makeup, just leave a comment in the little box down below :)

As I've always said and probably will say in the future, STEAR CLEAR OF  RED CHEEK! If you can pull it off, kudos :)  Also, I would try not to just circle it on the cheek, or that happens. ^

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