Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hey girls, today's post is going to be a rant type post. I know I don't do alot of these, but the truth is, I don't have enough time to. I did try to post every single day but, it just got to complicated and difficult. I'll probably do a rant post about once a month or so, for those (like me) who enjoy these types of post. Anyways, on to the post!

I was in the mortal kiss club, minding my own business, when this caught my eye.
I thought this was quite interesting, I know a lot of non ss have been talking about this for quite a while, and I'd have to say I agree and disagree. Though I agree that non ss should be able to buy makeup and nice clothes on stardoll, but I don't think that they should have all of the..... privileges? ss have. The reason I say that is, well, what's the point of buying membership if you could have the same advantages without paying? I do think that non ss should be treated equal, and I think they should be able to win cover girl and competitions like that. Also I would be fine if stardoll decided to get rid of ss, non ss, royalty all together but, unfortunately, that will never happen. Though stardoll may come off as greedy at times, they still need to make a profit. Anyways before I go off ranting and ranting, I'll stop here. Sorry if you're not really into post like these, but you're always welcomed to hit that x on the top right of your screen :)  Have a Lovely day ! :)

 I am in no way against non ss, it honestly annoys me when a "superstar" thinks they're better than someone who may not be able to afford a membership. 

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