Tuesday, April 12, 2011


OMG, i was in the store, to create a post on the new hot buys bracelet (WHICH IS UH-MAZING) i came accross a store i never saw before: PERFECT DAY
This store looks fab, but i think on other hand its quite strange and creepy :O Does this mean marriage might be coming soon here at stardolll? ILL KEEEP YOU POSTED
The churhcy marriage stuff :) Even the window is for saleeee <3
Las Vega Baby ;) I love thissss <3
Chiquee WEDDDING but some stuff is just VOILEISH items ;) 

More complicated items :) Pretttty and have nice pricess

OVERALL: I love the prices and the fact that is can be for both SS and NSS :) But it leaves a couple of questionsssss ;)
Comment what you think and it if it leaves you puzzled, Tommia123

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