Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stay fashionable even in winter!

These days when we walk in the streets we see girls stylish! but some are not...
also to us teen age girls and women makeup is like oxygen to us we can't go out side bethought using and thing to me if i am in a hurry at least i put on at least a lip gloss or an eye liner every day more and more people start to love and use makeup also we will not forget when we go to parties or weddings we put on full makeup!! no one would go wearing maybe a prom dress with no makeup??! i don't think that is going to happen we all know a lot about makeup so i am not going to waste your time i am going to show you the latest ways to put on makeup and style your day if your not going and where you can play on stardoll it is fun us putting makeup on...
i will star to tell you what i am talking about firs there are a lot of girls that use a lot of dark makeup colors on their me doll but why don't we make it a bit lighter than that how about maybe black and white for example that would look very good on a a black dress and white shoes why not give it a try last time when i saw a friend of mine she was wearing all pink with pink make up a skirt and tides and a t-shirt that looked very ugly and the think i want to remind you all of if it is winter it doesn't mean you only have to use really dark color show us your pretty face about the shoes for winter this year in my country we see all girlz wearing uggs it is worm stylish and works with most of your hole clothes it is fantastic i think you should try it who is with me?!
And i won't forget about the rain boots! they are the best for rain but this year it is stylish not only black but more they also keeps me worm i love it in winter i only use them it will stay with you for a long time you would love check them all that is what i am going to tell you today i have ore to tell ya later about more other stuff! please make your winter fun!

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