Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interview With SportzFan (aka KWCat)

Hey! Sorry I haven't been active in a while :L Anyway this blog is getting less and less active too! Heaps of people are quitting!
Anyway here we go!
1. I joined stardoll about two years ago, because I was at toys r us with my son, and I saw the gift card, and it drew my curiousity. I went home, and looked up the site, then went right back and bought the card! lol. It was love at first site!! :):)
2. My role model in life is Sandra Bullock, she is an amazing woman! :)
3. I get inspirations for my designs from my favorite colors, characters, things, and also from suggestions from my stardoll friends! :)
4. The two things I value most in people is honesty and loyalty.
5. I have many hobbies, such as stardoll, working out, reading, and movies. :)
6. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite drink is strawberry lemonade! :)
7. I started designing on stardoll once I realized people were actually using shapes to make fun designs! haha. At first I just knew there had to be some print somewhere of my favorite looney toon! :):)
8. I only have two accounts on stardoll, KWcat and SportzFan.
9. My dream is to live a long happy life! :)
10. My message to all stardolls is to make lots of stardoll friends and have lot's of fun using all the categories on stardoll! :)
Thank you so much for the interview, I very much enjoyed it!! :) xoxo

Hopefully that interview inspires all your Stardolls(:
Bye for now!

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