Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm leaving!

sadly I have to tell you that I'm leaving Stardoll Fanatic! I don't feel like you need me anymore and I'm not active enough lately ... I'm very proud of this blog because the followers are growing faster and faster! The other writers do a wonderfull job and of course you guys , our dear followers, commenters & readers , make this blog brighter with participating in contests , leaving comments and voting to our polls!

I'm really sorry that I have to leave you but I'm sure that you won't miss me since the other writers will keep on doing a great job! I would like to say a special thanks to the people who voted for the contest colore as a Fashionista and best make-up! Thank you guys because you gave me the oppurtiny to be a writer for this amazing blog as ginnycee did too!

Now I have to focus on my blog ( ) which I hope one day will be a bright as this one and maybe better always with your support! It was a pleasure informing you with all the latest news!

Good bye my dear readers,