Monday, December 20, 2010


Hey Stardolls!! I know some of you think that the blog has been lacking recently... well I want you to help me make it better! Please put your email, stardoll username, and suggestions or if you want to be a writer in the comments section!
xoxo, ginnycee

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  1. Hi Ginnycee and all the Stardoll Fanatic Team :) I'm Missy_Mimi_24 (Maria is my real name). I'm not superstar but I have some cool clothes (which I learnt how to get from Stardoll Fanatic (; ). I would really like to be a writer for Stardoll Fanatic. I would like to do Non SS outfits + SS outfits. I'm quite good with Stardoll graphics, so I was thinking if we could do custom ones for people for people who ask for one I could make them, they could give us credit by putting 'Stardoll Fanatic' on their blog or Stardoll Presentation. Please send me an email at

    Thanks ;)

    Maria (Missy_Mimi_24)