Friday, December 24, 2010


I just wanted to inform you that ginnycee made me an admin and gave me the premision to make some changes at the blog's sidebar so I just refreshed the Pick of the week, changed ginnycee's photo, deleted the old blog sponsors since the one was deleted and the other hasn't been updated for ages ... Also I removed some old advertisments and refreshed the comps section too!

If any of the SDF writers needs a banner I can make you one and of course you will choose how it will look like ;)



  1. Umm sorry Helen , but this banner is quite ugly :)
    You can`t do any better graphic ?

    check out my site
    ask me and i can make you better banner :)

  2. Actually I can make much better banners but I wanted somehing simple ... I'm working on an new one at the moment because I don't like this anymore ...