Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hi :) New Writer on Stardoll Fanatic!

Hi Everyone :) My name is pinkcutie_34 and im a new writer on Stardoll Fanatic! Just to say, im so proud to be on this Stardoll Fanatic team 'cause this blog has really helped me understand stardoll a lot better!! So thanks for such a great blog! i've been on stardoll for 2 years and i still love it!! I like fashion, sports, music..a lot of things and i can update on the latest happenings on stardoll (trends, cute outfits, clubs...).  Just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
xoxo, pinkcutie_34


  1. Hi Valeria :(

    Why you write for Stardoll Fanatic
    Im going to tell Sweet-Lips
    she will be very sad :(
    Shame on you, why did you left Stardoll Angels

  2. i havent left Stardoll Angels its just that ive always wanted to work for this blog because ive been a fan for so long. its taken me a while to get my writer job here but i havent left Stardoll Angels..i can work for both blogs..!

  3. Pls write about free stuff and fashion trends!