Wednesday, December 15, 2010

heyy guys,

its tiger_evie_624 back! as you will have noticed i haven't been posting much, this is because i have been working on a new blog! it is called stardoll freebies this is because i have noticed the stardoll fanatic has been getting less and less posts so i would still like to give you guys all the latest stardoll news. stardoll freebies will be officaly opening on Janurary the 1st but there will be bits and peices before that so i would love it if you guys would head on over to as i say it is a working progress but the main reason i have put this notice up is because i have only myself as a writer and think that the more writers we can get the better so if you would like to become a writer please please send me an email at just include what content you would provide for the blog and your stardoll user name. thanks soo much!


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