Monday, November 8, 2010

heyy guys its tiger_evie_624,

i have exams this week and am really busy so i wont be posting much the stardoll fanatic project run way is being post poned at the moment so sorry about that this is my last post for a while so here is an interview with ilovebacon624

-when did you join stardoll?
-why did you join stardoll?
-do you have a favourite outfit?
-what does if consist of?
-how did you find out about stardoll?
-why do you want to be national cover girl?
-how would you describe your style?
-your user name ilovebacon246, how did you think of this?
-whats your fave shop?
-do you mainly buy from the suite shop or starplaza or blaza?
-how often do you go on stardoll, are you a real fanatic?
-is there anything else you would like to say?

I joined stardoll because my friend showed my this site and i fell in love with it!

Yes indeed I do have a favorite outfit(: Its skinny jeans a hoodie and converse sneakers

I wanna be National Covergirl because I never won anything before and I wanna prove that Non SS can win CG wihtout broadcastig@


My style is Emo/Scene/Glamour

ilovebacon246 became my username because I kinda thought it was cool but now I find it a stupid username(: and please vote me cover girl thanks for the interview

byee byee


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