Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog FANATIC !!!

Hello dolls,
I thought that since a lot of people have blogs about Stardoll it would be nice to make an ''Advertise your blog'' post :) So if you have a blog you can post the link in comments and let us know about it !! Also you can leave a comment about your fav blog if you don't own one .... What do you think ? Will you advertise your blog?

I also own a blog that I actually share will Julie_Ch! It's called Stardoll's Fashion Nerds and you can visit it at this link :  . It's a blog about all the latest news, trends, makeovers and much more.

Also I decided to make a topic with all the blog advertisments so hurry up and let me know about your blog!!



  1. I'd love to advertise my blog!

    Here's the link:

    Here's the AD banner I'd like to put up:

    Thank you!

    please advertie it!!! My name on stardoll and blogger is jessthegeekchic


    please advertise it!!I have had it about a week,and nobody seems to know about it!!I love posting things on it,but i feel its a wast of time!!