Saturday, October 16, 2010

heyy guys,
i was on stardoll the other day and noticed that my starpoint rewards was way further along the bar than it should be.... it should be about
now the results are in for the stardoll fanatic project runway the bottom two are....
unfortunaitly one has to go so im afraid that it is ellie b

does anyone know whats up with the dimond they are every where evan on their suite names??? post it in the comments if you know...
the operah house mystery.... i was talking to someone on stardoll to day and they said that they thought the rest was the operah house which seems logical any other suggestions??? comments...
i know these are kindah old but aww well.... here they are any way
a gondala these are used in venice (italy) to make tourists pay like a million euros but it is fun and you get to see lots of venice....
a hat is it supposed to be pirateish or what???
a raven in a cage what is stardoll getting at animal cruelty nah jokes lol i know im not even funny but still ...
any way thats all folks(reconise this??? im trying to be funny today i dunno why im just happy i guess)
byeee byeeee
x0x =]

p.s vist my suite... ect ect blah blah blah

p.p.s.s. the next challenege for stardoll fanatics project run way is to make a top in stardesign with a belt or bagde or make it into a jacket ect.... the winner will have theirs posted as a tutorial on the blog.... good luck! =] please have them to me by next monday... you can either email me them ( or via stardoll or in the comments...

byee for real now =]

actually no i thought of one other thing i have made a whole lot of halloween costumes and if you can make a cool one that you would like me to add to my list email it or stardoll or comments ( please have them to me by next monday...


  1. the diamond is for people who are part of the stardoll royalty club (:

    Visit mee - niki-chick (:

  2. that's right. But you can't get a member of this club by yourselfe. The owner has to invite you.

    xox Bloemetje88 from the Netherlands