Saturday, September 11, 2010

heyy guys,
i finally have the interview with sunset_bird sorry i took sooo long but i have been really busy lately...
i am green and sunset_bird is purple...

-when did you join stardoll?
Let me look at my presentation...I can't really remember :)). Joined:2006-09-12. So it's been almost 4 years since I joined stardoll. I am an old member and I can remember the changes that stardoll has been through these years and it's amazing!
-why did you join stardoll?
It's simple: because I like dress-ups and interior designing.
-do you have a favourite outfit?
Not really. In general I love dresses and one of my favourite dresses is the white versace living dress 8->
-what does it consist of?
The versace white dress with some elegant shoes, curly hair with a white flower in it and natural makeup...actually you can see it in my album.
-how did you find out about stardoll?
A friend showed me the site.
-how did you find out about stardoll fanatic?
I think that I googled "stardoll blog" and there it was!
-how would you describe your style?
Relaxed and feminine.
-your user name sunset_bird, how did you think of this?
It was something spontaneous. I used to have other accounts and I didn't really like their username so I made a new one and voila!
-whats your fave shop?
It has to be bisou. But there are many superstar clothes and I can't buy them anymore :( I also loved the dkny shop and vivienne tam (especially on sales :)))
-do you mainly buy from the suite shop or starplaza or bazar?
Starplaza I think. I like the suite shop also but for now I have a lot of furniture that I keep locked and don't need new one anymore.The bazar is great but I'm not SS and can't buy anymore.
-how often do you go on stardoll are you a real fanatic?
I was :D Now I go only when I surf the net but I don't spend so many hours like before.
-is there anything else you would like to say?
Yes. I like stardoll now because it' very interactive but I miss the old times when 20 stardollars were enough to make you SS and when there were more non-SS clothes and items. Basically if you're not SS now you can't do a lot of great things like buying designs :( I think they are exagerating.
Also....thanks for those who voted me at the contest!

don't forget to visit her suite/ page

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