Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who wore it better?


My favorite thing to do while flipping through celebrity gossip magazines is to look at the who wore it better section, so I thought a niceway to establish myself as a gossip/fashion consultant on the blog, is to bring you the thing I love best, with a few so called Stardoll Elites!

Miss_LolitaF vs. alcia_k

Both fashionistas are rocking bold black dresses and the exact same pair of Otto black pumps!

Lolita gets in touch with her french side, by adding white accents and bows to her ensemble, while Alcia is red carpet glam in her stunning LBD and gorgeousbow clutch.

mysecketlover vs. Britneys07

Its battle of the brides with these two glam stars rockin' the exact same pair of Voile Keira Gala shoes!

Emma goes DIYAnna for the day, turning plain curtains into beautiful trim, while Britney looks like a goddess in her white living dress.

ska8er_2006 vs. cool_ial

Both stardoll vetrans are flaunting cute pink blazers paired with hotbuys! I can't say I love either look, but hey, when you've been on stardoll for so long, I'm guessing you lose your lose your sense for whats trendy, and whats just a FASHIONONO.

Skater is just plain showing off with her uber rare jacket, dress and shoes, with Esra is a total Aggy Deyn rip off in her trashy clashy outfit.

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