Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trendspot Megapost: Cute Dresses!

Are you a superstar? Do you ever feel like your doll can't be fabulous enough with such a small amount of non-superstar clothes? Well we scouted out the starplaza dresses, and there are a ton of cute non-ss dresses, all from 4sd to 13sd!
Here they are!

Stardoll TV 13SD - Stardoll TV 13SD - Stardoll TV 11SD

JCPTeen 10SD - JCPTeen 9SD - Kohls 13SD

Kohls 13SD - Kohls 13SD - Stardoll TV 12SD

Stardoll TV 13SD - Kohls 12SD - Kohls 12SD

Kohls 12SD - Kohls 12SD - Kohls 12SD

Kohls 11SD - Kohls 10SD - Fudge 5SD

Stardoll 5SD - Voile 12SD - Stardoll 5SD

Stardoll 6SD - Stardoll 8SD - Pretty in Pink 5SD

Decades 6SD - Folk 5SD - Stardoll 5SD

Stardoll 5SD - Stardoll 6SD - Tingeling 6SD

Rio 5SD - Stardoll 5SD

xoxo, ginnycee


  1. i don't find the shop stardoll tv :(

  2. These dresses are so cute. I have never seen this stuff before until today.