Friday, August 13, 2010

Think Sporty!

Hello everyone! There is another comp and it's called think sporty! You have to make a sporty outfit in your suite and save it! Write your username in the comments and you will be judged!

-Vindii77 xoxo


  1. Heyy, I have entered the contest. I don't really own any sporty things but thats when the thought hit me. Swimming is sporty so I put an outfit together with some accessories and make up and ta da! Anyway thanx x

  2. Hey! I thought that this competition was so me, so i put together a sporty chic outfit. Hope you like! Username: Flamingoes400

    Thank you!!!

  3. Mine is sort of a sporty adventurer outfit. Hope you like it.

  4. Sorry, I forgot about my username. It is Misschelz97

  5. celebtraleb67 k

  6. username- pinixybest. As u can see i've entered with all three of my accounts. There is a thing that i noticed today in starplaza that u might wanna just go to starplaza and search for footwear and in the first page, there is an evil panda item named 'Folk girls sneakers' and go to 6th page and the first thing is fudge 'high top sneakers' u can see that both r same but the colour is different. If u want, u can post it in this blog but plz give credits :)