Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunny Bunny-x

heyy guys when i was on stardoll today i noticed that there were some new things as usual but they were in a new shop when i looked... so there is a new shop called sunny bunny, i think that it is totally awsem but ost of the items are superstar anyway check it out...
now i have a new competion who can create the best make up and acessories, your entry must include two items form the shop atlest but it may have more... so get designing send you entrys to remember to include your stardoll username! here is an idea of what you could do(mines not very good its just an example)
now for the competion for my new banner i have only had one entry =( i was kinda sad so i thought that i might make a better prize you will still get a non ss gift of two but you also will get an inerview to be posted on the blog also send you entrys to and include your username please(on stardoll)
bye bye for now

eviie-x dont forget to check out my suite)


  1. Awesome! you can change eyecolour! Pink, purple!! :]

  2. for the lenses do u know with eye to use? the lenses all seem to be bigger than the eyes availible