Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Days Competition!

Heyy guys! It's Evenlighter here, and we are starting another competition! It's called the Summer Days Competition! I know we all had a fun summer, but sadly is coming to a close! Soon school will start and we will all be busy with homework and other activities! So lets end summer with a big bang by entering this contest! You will create something having to do with summer! It's an easy, fun, creative, competition! After you have created your Summer Days Entry, take a screen shot of it, make it a Tinypic, then post the URL in a comment. If you would rather not make it a tinypic, then you can email it to me at Deadline is August 14, so start creating! :D You can create your summer thing in 3 ways.....

1. Starplaza- You will create a beautiful summer outfit using this bathing suit from Splash
2. Scenery- Create a summer scenery

3. Design- Using the Fashion or Interior Design, create something having to do with summer


  1. I am in
    Just sent my entry to the e-mail.

  2. MY STARDOLL USERNAME IS --rihanna----

    VISIT ME !!!!!

    blog follower name Pianca

  3. i sent u my entry to ur email. My stardoll username is- pinixybest anyways will u decide the winner or there will be voting?

    My username is x-Dani-Harmer-x


    My username is nantia.absolute

  6. thanks for the entrys! keep on sending them in! at the end, i will post all the contestants and the public will vote, so keep on creating! :)

  7. swimbeauty


    username- shortfuzzy