Monday, August 9, 2010

Poll ;)

So guys , i am not really happy with your participation... :( those who participated have made all the outfits really beautiful!! But , no offense you should participate more.. [: participation will gain you more fame on stardoll after all!! According to your comments , 5 people have participated .... last time they were 12! I am not forcing you.. So  please don't give negative feedback.. Here's the poll and the participants outfits..:) remember, only 5 are participating so , there will be no runner ups or anything .. the winner would be straight away one!

click on the photo to enlarge!
Now the poll :)

sorry :( don't click on the other option because it was a mistake ...!!
Next competition coming soon , and hurry up VOTE!! Voting ends on 10th of august! :)
And the winner to be declared then! 
The covergirl banner is this :D -

I may change some thing's  but the base will be this... This was rather a long post , but an important one!! :)
P.S - Don't know what's going wrong again and again the poll is coming in the end!! :( but you only have to vote :) who cares? :D

see ya



  1. where's my doll?

  2. hi flickerwings when i tried to post my outfit it said failed so maybe other peoples were the same