Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poem Comp

Hey Guys! For the past few days I've been noticing people posting stories and poems in my club. They are really talented and should be given a chance to win something. So I've decided to make a competition for all those poem writers out there. Basically you make a poem send it to my stardoll account KyiahGlossy or my email The winner will win a month SS and 170 SD. The poem can be about anything! As long as it has a meaning. You have 1 week to be in this comp so hurry! At the end of the comp I will post all of the poems and have people vote.

On the side I've decided to take a stab at poetry. So vote whether or not you like my poem.


Is beauty all that you want to be?

Hiding behind the mascara I can see

Beauty is just your mere façade

Hoping no one will figure what’s inside

Afraid to let go of what you hope the most

Beauty is your demon playing as a host

But as you can see in the mirror

Your beauty is the ghost that’s getting nearer

So as I said before are you afraid to reply?

The beauty you behold is nothing more than a disguise

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PS:Don't forget about the comp. Please join guys :)


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