Thursday, August 12, 2010

Non SS Outfits :)

Hey guys it's Krissy. I'm back with two very lovely non ss outfits. Even though they may look plain I think they are very stylish. Let's take a look!

The first look is kind of chic :) Cute outfit, that comes to the price of 19SD.

Lemon Tube top 3SD
Baby blue Tube top 3SD
Pink Tube top 3SD

Pretty in Pink-
Multi layered skirt 5SD
Lace up heels 5SD

OK the next outfit is more of rocker chick. Cool and stylish for only 33SD

Abby Dawn Prism Stretch Twill Pants 9SD
Abby Dawn Sequin Vest Tank 6SD

Fallen Angel-
Multi Wrap Belt 4SD
Fallen Angel Chain 5Sd
Cross Necklace 3SD

Evil Panda-
Tennis Shoes 4SD

Thanks for reading! Sadly these outfits do not come with the make up :( See ya!


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