Thursday, August 12, 2010

Interview With MiskoGrybas

Hi! Well, I asked the ever so kind, MiskoGrybas, todays covergirl, for an interview! here it is - 1. When did you join Stardoll, and why did you join? -I joined a year ago. Because.. i thought stardoll- its a fashion page.
2. How do you accept your friends? What qualities do you look for in them? -I hope that new friends will be friendly and not bothersome. I hate people which always ask gifts or money. ;).

3. How do you find Stardoll? Is it one of the most addictive websites? -I find stardoll from my friends. ;>. Now - yes.

4.How did you come across Stardoll? -One friend said that this website is fun and fashionable.

5. How did you come to winning Covergirl? -I send more broadcasts and i asked my friends to vote me. ;).

6. How did you feel when you saw you were the winner of the Covergirl contest? -Omg, very good. Oh, not good but - UNREAL. Now I am very happy. Thanks all who voted me!

7. Which do you prefer, the Covergirl trophy or ribbon? -I think better is ribbon. ;D.
(random questions, now!)
8. What is your favourite food? -Hm.. Turkish kebab, salad, and pizza. : D. Hm. I almost like everything.

9. What is your favourite colour? -Violet, black, pink.

10. How would you classify you style? -
In real life - i am Converse maniac. I wear jeans.. In stardoll i am different - I like dresses, etc.
11. What would you say to all of the people out thee? Do you have any message? -Hm. I wish you all to be friendly, help for all friends, don`t be jealous.. and.. hmm.. thanks you all who voted me! Yes i have more messages.. People says : congratulations, etc. :)

Thanks MiskoGrybas!

Bye for now Stardolls!
From your one and only-

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